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O2S update: new features

The newly updated version of Office2SharePoint has been released in

late 2021. You may be wondering what has changed for our users... Here is a summary of the newly added features.

1. You can now use Office2SharePoint from a shared mailbox, which will make it easier to collaborate within your team.

2. In the main menu, you will now see your current folder, which shows emails included in the folder that the user has selected.

3. More emails can be loaded in the current folder as you scroll, you will be able to load more than the current 20 emails.

4. It is now possible to merge an email to an existing PDF.

5. The Shared with you folder shows all folders that others are sharing with a user.

6. The new Metadata column on SharePoint is now supported in Office2SharePoint.

7. In the saving process, you can now save an email without including the attachment.

8. You can open a file directly from Office2SharePoint, you will not need to open another tab to see your sites.

9. We have added the option to remove special characters from the email subject, that way you will be able to simplify the name with one click.

10. We have enabled the search function in the mailbox, once you find the email you can easily save it on your sites.

11. It is now possible to search for a folder across all sites and select it as the chosen saving folder.

12. You can now add a file into a meeting entry, this will improve your meeting preparation.

Office2SharePoint is the perfect tool for file sharing and file management. You can save and share files directly from Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint to Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive.

To learn more about Office2SharePoint, visit

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