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Since the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, there has been an acceleration of pre-existing trends, this has then raptured our daily work routine in a more negating way, especially for those who needed to be at work physically. One thing that stood out was the increase of communication platforms that helped in daily office work productivity thanks to the high rising technology. The change has gone better than expected, with many collaborative apps out there, people have found ways to work effectively from their own comforts and collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype among others.

1. Productivity tools and collaborative apps

Thanks to improved technology, things can still run smoothly with different collaborative apps no matter where one works from. While some platforms are purely for communication, some projects require certain platforms such as Microsoft Teams, which allows project communication and sharing files, or Office2SharePoint to save files and emails in a centralized place where the entire team can access, as well as retrieve documents from SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams with a single click.

2. Interactive sessions

Interactive workshops are to engage the employees and get them an impactful experience, using collaborative tools, getting them to participate, and increasing productivity, it’s important to focus on the connection to create an environment that aligns the different surroundings to support the online participants. The session may not necessarily be work-related, but a way to make the employee feel connected by doing common activities from their own comfort, such as yoga.

3. Work S.M.A.R.T not harder.

Earlier on in life, we have been told to work, and this may have a different meaning for each one of us now. But hard work has mostly meant that the work solely relies on grueling hours to achieve the goal, this may mean physical effort or long working hours with a mental strain. However, SMART or brilliant ways of working are to help your employees and colleagues to find ways to do their jobs efficiently to save time achieve quality than quantity. This may be achieved by having organized tasks to give a competitive edge.

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