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iPlanner update

New features have been recently added to iPlanner Pro, our task management Microsoft 365 add-in.

This article will recap the main new available features and provide a link to the video showing what changes with this update.

1. Shared mailbox

iPlanner Pro can now be used on a shared mailbox account on the client version of Outlook.

Many companies use shared email to manage some administrative tasks, so this will be very helpful to better manage tasks across teams.

On the web version of Outlook, it is possible to access only individual accounts due to limitations of the Microsoft app.

2. Create tasks from your calendar

iPlanner Pro can also be used from your Outlook calendar. You can create Planner tasks directly from a meeting scheduled on your calendar. This is useful to assign tasks to yourself or others in preparation for the meeting.

3. Save attachments to existing tasks

It is now possible to save an attachment directly on an existing task, this will help you save time because you do not need to open and edit existing tasks.

Here below, you can see all these new available features in action!

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