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Calendar management tips

A calendar is more than a list of tasks lined up tasks waiting to be done. With a calendar you can plan much more, such as sending out requests, setting up reminders, meetings, and more functionalities to manage your schedule. A calendar reminds you about your scheduled activities and to-do lists, but how you plan it may affect your productivity positively or negatively. Below we will look at tips and tricks for effective calendar management.

Schedule at the soonest to avoid delays

Make sure to review your calendar and check time availability regularly, that way you will schedule your meeting on time, avoid delays, and make sure that other people have ample time for you. Note down the agenda for other members to be prepared and share it with them to avoid miscommunication.

Understand your productive hours and those of your team

The normal working hours are between 9 am to 4 pm to most people; however, we are all wired differently, some people work optimally late in the afternoon compared to morning hours and vice versa. When managing the calendar scheduling meetings, keep in mind those optimal productivity hours as well as understanding the people you are meeting with, schedule the tasks during their productivity peaks. Low effort and repetitive tasks, such as mail responses and inbox cleanup, can be done when productivity and focus is falling.

Review with a clear mind

Avoid scheduling tasks when you are busy, make a list in order of their priorities and revisit your meeting when you have a clear mind for important tasks.

Use productivity tools

Make use of calendar management tools and apps to help boost your productivity. There are several calendar tools where you can share your availability with other people, which helps improve collaboration. It is also useful to use tools that connect your calendar to your mail service, CRM, and project management tools.

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