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Office2SharePoint for Outlook

My next stop in town was all about better #communication and #collaboration within Outlook. Let me introduce you to: Office2SharePoint.

I assume that for many of you, as it is for me, the greatest part of #business and team communication takes place in Outlook. Our #email inbox has become an “archive” where we store our important files and documents we receive or send to group members, colleagues, clients, etc. Almost half of the e-mails. I send or receive include an attachment in the shape of a #Word-document, a Pdf-file or a link to an external URL – important attachments that need to be stored somewhere so they don’t disappear in the inbox and the pile of e-mails. AND we also have to consider GDPR!

Breaking down silos between Outlook and your file archives Now this is where #Office2SharePoint comes in handy. With this tool all Outlook users can save e-mails and attachments directly to the #SharePoint Online library and Group Sites. Not only does this enhance the working procedure when saving important information, it also breaks down silos between Outlook and your file archives allowing you to save online in the #cloud instead of locally on your desktop.

This add-in is a true value creator for me, allowing me to get more work done faster, make documents visible and accessible across my team and thereby innovate team collaboration in Office 365 – and this of course from all devices.

I guess this will also solve some of my concerns about GDPR. We now have a tool that will help my users to save data in Office 365 in SharePoint Online. But, I did have one very important question for the Mayor. Do I have to ask my IT to install this Add-in on all the users PC's? and how will I get it on my iPhone? The mayor smiled 😊. You see, this is an Office 365 Add-in. You deploy the Add-in in Office 365 and assign the Add-in to a specific group or users. You could also push it out to all. That it... you will now have the Add-in available from all devices, #Windows, #Mac, #Web, #IOS and #Android. New updates? We simply push them out to you keeping you updated at all time.

Improving teamwork You can’t live without Office2SharePoint for Outlook once you have experienced its true value for any team or any business – I promise you that! With this in mind I can't wait to my next stop in the City of Add-in. I can hardly wait to see what the Mayor has planed for my next visit. Stay tuned for another great story!

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