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MIPA for Outlook and Teams recognized with the Microsoft 365 App Certification!🏆👩‍💻

As if it was not enough with the recognition of Office2SharePoint's and iPlanner Pro's App Certification, Microsoft has also recognized MIPA for Outlook and Teams as truly secure apps with the Microsoft 365 App Certification! What do these certificates imply? They state that iGlobe's MIPA - My Intelligent Personal Assistant is officially recognized for its 100% safe and secure way of enhancing your activities in Outlook as well as in Teams, where MIPA gives a clear view of all updates and tasks.👩‍💻 MIPA for Outlook and Teams therefore also offer a way for users to enhance IT security in their organisations, while improving productivity and collaboration across departments.✔️

How did iGlobe achieve the Microsoft Certificates? Microsoft actually tried to hack MIPA to ensure the security of the app - and they succeeded by not achieving access or anything that would imply missing IT security in iGlobe's products.🛡️ Now you get even more out of using MIPA for Outlook and Teams!

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