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CRM and Power BI

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

My next stop in town was all about better reporting and viewing data user-friendly dashboards.

On my tour around iGlobe City I was introduced to Power BI, another add-in to iGlobe CRM that creates a huge amount of value for the user. With Power BI I can get deeper insight of my business with visual reports – and the data comes directly from the pipeline in my CRM.

I have found a way to actually use the data stored in the CRM and learn from it. I can even use it to set effective goals.

There are so many great values in reporting with iGlobe CRM and Power BI that I can’t even imagine not using this tool in my business.

Some of the things that make Power BI an essential part of running a business:

  • Track and test sales process 

  • Follow up on every deal and make sales more efficient 

  • See activity level in the company through meeting reports 

  • Monitor time of SSOs and possible negative sales 

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and correction 

  • Monitor statistics on team members’ sales performance

  • Follow-up list 

Power BI has the value of giving me my whole business on one dashboard and makes me stay updated on reports always. But that is not all! With a big smile the Mayor says, "We can also predict you sell with a forecast"

With this in mind I can't wait to my next stop in the City of Add-in. I can hardly wait to see what the Mayor has planed for my next visit. Stay tuned for another great story!

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