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Become GDPR ready with iGlobe CRM

Before we move on, hear about all the awesome Add-ins to iGlobe CRM Office 365. I have a question for the Mayor of the City.

What about, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and iGlobe #CRM Office 365?

With a big smile the Mayor simply said: "I present to you yet another great reason for implementing iGlobe CRM Offic 365"

It all comes down to personal data. #GDPR analysis begins with understanding what data exists and where it resides. The GDPR regulates the collection, storage, use, and sharing of “personal data.” Personal data is defined very broadly under the GDPR as any data that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Data can reside in:

  • Customer databases

  • Feedback forms filled out by customers

  • Email content

  • Photos

  • CCTV footage

  • Loyalty program records

  • HR databases

The #GDPR calls for a disciplined processing of personal data, and before my visit to iGlobe City of Add-ins, I found myself in a rather chaotic situation. Office 365 includes powerful tools to identify personal data across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business environments. Content Search allows you to query for personal data using relevant keywords, file properties, or built-in templates. Advanced eDiscovery lets you identify relevant data faster and with better precision than traditional keyword searches by finding near-duplicate files, reconstructing email threads, and identifying key themes and data relationships. What about CRM? And could I somehow be GDPR compliment and still make the process of collection, storage, use of customer data and sharing even easier for my user?  In this City I found the answer. iGlobe CRM Office 365 and the related Office Add-ins is built on and into Microsoft Office 365 platform. The App, Add-ins and the data are all on your Office 365 tenant and are therefore in many regards following the same compliance as Microsoft Office 365. But how can we manage to collect data from different sources, specially all the data we get by email, and save it easily?

Smiling again, the Mayor said: "Using the built-in GDPR search function that iGlobe CRM offers, it is very simple to find all data regarding a person.  Searching by a name, you will get a sorted and categorized list; Contact information, Emails, Notes, Meeting reports, Documents and Files. A quick overview of all the data you have on that specific person. The right to be forgotten? Sure, simply select and delete." 

The Mayor gave me this link if for more detailed description. I was convinced, using Office 365 and iGlobe CRM I had the tools that will help me in the process of handling data according to GDPR.  I guess I am ready to move on now. I look forward to se iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in. I have heard so much about it. Read my next post and be just as amazed as I am.

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