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Join my journey, exploring the World of Office 365 Add-ins!

Hello there! My name is Mr. Addin and I am the CEO of IntelliGlobe Company in Denmark. I would like to invite you all on my tour, exploring the World of Office 365 Add-ins.

One year ago, we implemented Office 365 at my company. We are all very excited about Office 365. Not just me, but all my employees. Management, Sales, Back-office, Project teams, Customer service, Desk less workers, students, in the office, at home or on the field. Collaboration both internally and externally has definitely increased. Today we are using Office, SharePoint Online, Planner and started looking at Teams, Flow, Power BI and Power Apps. But, I have the feeling that we are still not using Office 365 to its full potential. I have heard a lot about Apps and Add-ins for Office 365.

  • I am not sure what there is available out there?

  • What can it do for my company?

  • How about security?

  • How easy can we deploy Apps and Add-ins?

  • And what are the maintenance cost, if any?

  • Can we use the online Office Store?

I have a lot of questions and I have decided to explore this. I am going on a journey to the World of Office 365 Add-ins. I am sure many of you, that are using #Office365 feel the same way. I will therefore make a post after each visit I make to a City of Officie "X"-add-in on my World tour. I begin my journey by visiting the Vikings in Scandinavia.

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