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iGlobe City of Add-ins - iGlobe CRM

My next stop on my tour is one of the largest places when it comes to Office Add-ins. I heard they have two large districts and a few smaller ones. A City of twenty Office 365 Add-ins.

Looking so much forward to this journey I expect to spend some time in the City of Add-ins. To help me around, I am getting help from the Mayor, Alon Ekelund. I am sure he can help me get an overview of all the Add-in in the different districts in this great city. As he explained:

"Add-ins in this city can be described as dots/extensions/integration point between People, Process and Systems. This creates transparency and a seamlessly integrated collaboration platform. Users are able to communicate with all stakeholders and work across Office 365.This will increase adoption of Office 365, hence increase productivity . One Platform, One Way of Working, One click will do the Trick." I have very high expectation to this city. I look forward to see how these Add-ins can help my organization to work more efficient, structured and organized in multiple ways, but with one thing in common, that one click will do the trick. iGlobe CRM Office 365 The first district I will be visiting, is iGlobe CRM Office 365. Let me first introduce you to, as I call it, “the heavy player in the game” – iGlobe CRM. Here I can draw benefit from tools I already know in Office 365, I can work in one cloud-based platform and gather e-mail, customer history and teamwork in just one place. Isn’t this amazing? As the Mayor of the City explained:

"iGlobe CRM Office 365 - A dream of one workplace, where one click will do the trick. iGlobe CRM extends the capabilities of O365. With Outlook, Office and Teams add-ins combined with a seamless integration to Planner, Groups and SharePoint, iGlobe is a true O365 extension. Work across teams and access e-mail, tasks, documents and pipeline through one integrated platform. iGlobe is a Plug & Play, easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable. You never have to change platform. iGlobe is available on any device, it simply becomes a part of O365 as an additional tightly integrated service." As I have learned about the CRM I have found a way to work less, easier and collaborate better with my team – and I can do this anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

Just take a look at these bullet points of value creating features, that I can take with me after my visit to iGlobe City in the CRM-region:

  • User friendly dashboards

  • Enhance the work of my sales team on the road

  • Focus on the right opportunities

  • Manage sales pipeline better

  • Make customer history accessible everywhere in my team

  • Detect most profitable customers

  • So easy to use that people are actually using it

  • And WOW, It can also help me in getting GDPR ready

The great thing about iGlobe CRM is that it is not just a CRM, it’s a value creator for any business that makes it possible to work in Office 365 with extensions to Outlook, Planner, Office2SharePoint, Power BI, and many more.

It is the great value of reuse of knowledge, since this is carefully codified and stored in the CRM where it can be accessed and used easily by anyone in the company.

Before I learned about iGlobe CRM I didn’t know how easy it could be to break down silos in my organisation and make the most out of information sharing.

I would like to share this inspiration with you and tell you about all of the CRM add-ins that I’m sure will create as much value for you and your company as it will for. Read my next post and be just as amazed as I am.

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