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iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in

A CRM Add-in for Outlook - this I have been waiting for. 😄

Outlook integration is a requirement for modern business I know that all my users are spending most of the time in Outlook. Any system we implement must have an Outlook integration. It is a requirement for my organization. However, that is not even enough any longer! The integration must also be available from Outlook on web-mail, IOS and Android. And we also have a few MACs.

Looking at the way the citizens are using iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in. I realize that this is the exact tool we are all looking for. I finally found a way to work smarter and save time by handling mails and CRM tasks at the same time while staying in Outlook. Not only does this allow me to enhance workflow and productivity from all of my devices – it is also possible for me to do all of my important CRM tasks, wherever I go.

Just imagine being able to work like this everyday:

  • Save an e-mail directly from Outlook to CRM

  • Relate an e-mail to an opportunity

  • Create a new company or a contact from Outlook

  • Update Company and Contact information directly from Outlook

  • I can actually, create a note and a new opportunity from the Add-in

  • I can also update opportunities 

  • See all recent activities with the customers within my Outlook

  • Open contact in the CRM from Outlook

I am sure my organization will love this. I believe some of my users will spent 90% of CRM time from this Add-in. This is great, this add-in definitely enhances productivity significantly. Most important I will get a lot of happy users.  I did have one very important question for the Mayor: Do I have to ask my IT to install this Add-in on all the users PC's? And how will I get it on my iPhone?A big smile came from the Mayor 😊. You see, this is an Office 365 Add-in. You deploy the Add-in in Office 365 and assign the Add-in to a specific group or users. You could also push it out to all. That it... you will now have the Add-in available from all devices ,Windows, MAC, Web, IOS and Android. New updates? We simply push them out to you keeping you updated at all time. 

I was happy. This is a must have. 

With this in mind I can't wait to my next stop in the City of Add-in. I can hardly wait to see what the Mayor has planed for my next visit. Stay tuned for another great story. #organization #goodworkhabits

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