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File Management Systems

Why is it important to have a centralized file management system?

Time management is one of the most crucial components that contributes to an increase of any company’s productivity. Files, images and emails are used and shared daily within the organization where these can be used or revised multiple times.

The increasing amount of information companies manage every day brings to a relevant issue that can affect efficiency: file management.

In order to ensure proper file management, it is essential that internal organization strategies and the right tools are implemented.

According to a survey done by Gartner, professionals spend 50% of the time searching for information, which on average sums up to 18 minutes to locate each document. This, however, has decreased with time as the technology within the software systems has evolved.

So, what is a file management system and how does it help your organization?

A file management system is the way in which important documents are stored, shared, names and saved in an organized manner to ensure easier saving and finding. Creating a good file management system allows to avoid file duplication, misplacement, using a lot of storage; it also improves collaboration within teams.

Do you use Outlook, Teams and SharePoint to manage your files? Then have a look at our file management add-in Office2SharePoint.


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