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Did you know? You can tag mails you save from Outlook to SharePoint & Team using Office2SharePoint

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Struggling with Metadata? Use SharePoint Enterprise Keywords!

You want to make sure content you save in SharePoint and Teams can be found easily. There is a feature in SharePoint called Enterprise Keywords. Essentially, it is a metadata column that you enable at the list or library level, that allows users to input a word or a phrase to categorize an item or a document. Unlike “regular” metadata columns, it allows you to type in ANY TEXT – you are not restricted in terms of predefined choices. Any value the user types in becomes a metadata tag that is available for others to use down the road. The beauty about this feature is that it is very easy to setup and it allows you to rely on your users to come up with metadata tags for you. You can allow such tagging indefinitely or later on you can convert (promote) the “Enterprise Keywords” into “official metadata columns.

Office2SharePoint for Outlook makes it easy to tag an e-mail or file you saved from Outlook to SharePoint or Teams. Here's how to add tag with Office2SharePoint for Outlook:

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